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The LIBERTY ONE SHIPPING GROUP combines the expertise of 4 companies as well as their global network and that of their partners under one roof:

Your 360° service partner in ship management

Your partner for sustainable solutions in ship investment and the maritime industry


Environmentally friendly fuel supply
and logistics

Connects equity and shipping –
digital and functional


The LIBERTY ONE SHIPPING GROUP develops and realises sustainable concepts for the management of commercial vessels, tailored to your requirements.


LIBERTY BLUE Logo im Hintergrund

Join us in championing sustainable, eco-friendly business practices as part of our commitment to the blue economy. At LIBERTY PIER, we are dedicated to achieving climate targets and transforming the shipping industry. From propulsion system retrofits and redesigning cargo ships to developing and globally establishing environmentally friendly fuel supply and logistics with PURE3, we offer comprehensive green solutions. Leverage our expertise in decarbonization and future-proof your fleet today!


Unlocking the funds needed for bringing projects and innovations to life is essential. Our team at LIBERTY PIER specializes in navigating the complexities of ship financing through banks or investors, as well as restructuring existing liabilities. Count on us to secure reliable financing, allowing you the freedom to propel your projects forward. Let's chart a course to success together.


Trust us to navigate the challenges of today’s complex global landscape. We help our clients achieve their ambitious goals with efficiency and confidence, delivering on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. Our team ensures contracts are safe and legally compliant, handling everything from maritime infrastructure and renewable energy projects to developing new trade lanes.
Let LIBERTY PIER be the anchor to your success


In the dynamic world of shipping, success hinges on reliability, efficiency, and transparency. At LIBERTY BLUE, we've mastered ship management, using cutting-edge digital standards to ensure seamless operations from start to finish. Our approach covers all bases: from operational efficiency to safety, maintenance, cargo handling, communication, sustainability, and rapid response to unexpected events like accidents and political shifts. Whether you opt for our full-service package or tailor-made solutions, count on LIBERTY BLUE, to exceed expectations.


At LIBERTY ONE SHIPPING GROUP, guiding clients through ship sale, purchase, and chartering is in our DNA. Renowned as market leaders in ship trading and trusted advisors to both banks and shipping companies, we're your go-to team for seamless transactions. Leveraging our extensive know-how, LIBERTY PIER responds swiftly and legally compliant to any issues before, during and after the transaction, guaranteeing you peace of mind.


The base for our day-to-day operations is our self-developed software VIDISEA, which is our state of the art online-platform accessible to our clients and allows for full transparency.

The service areas listed above merely provide an overview of our services.

Please contact us and let us know your requirements so that we can offer you detailed solutions tailored to your needs.

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